824/5000 G1 Z50 if z is less than 50mm

  • I would like to clean my head, automatically with a retractable spatula, but having a bed too big, and a corexy, I can not deploy the spatula anytime.
    I think well in all directions, a simple and reliable mechanical system, I always need a space between my bed and my head to be able to clean it to any layers.

    I could tell him to go to the 50mm position, whatever happens, but there is a risk of contact between the print and the head / arm, after a certain height.

    I wondered, if it were possible, to move the bed only if it is below a minimum Z.

    If z is below 50mm then G1 Z50 otherwise do nothing.
    So I can deploy my spatula safely, finally if I do not print at this location ...

    Thank you

  • administrators

    Conditional GCode is scheduled for implementation in firmware 2.03.

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