cancelling a job just launched

  • If you launch a print and it's in the Bed heating cycle, waiting to get to temperature, then you decided you've made a mistake and wish to cancel, if you hit "pause" you have to wait until Bed temperature is reached until you can hit "cancel" and move on to launch another print instead.

    Shouldn't the "pause" button be smarter than to wait for what is potentially quite a long time in such circumstances?

  • @r123 I think in that case where you're waiting for a temp to be reached the only way to interrupt it is to hit the emergency stop button and reset the firmware.

    You might be able to send a new temp command that matches the current temp to break out of the temp wait sooner and then pause and cancel.

  • You could try putting a M108 command as the first line in your pause.g script. M108 can be used to cancel any "wait for temperature to stabilize" commands like M116 during the wait period.

    This is assuming the pause.g macro would start running even when waiting for temp. I'm not sure the actual behavior.

  • Hmm, it does seem that pause.g isn't going to be run until the wait condition is attained.

    Isn't this a call for a special implementation in the firmware? Or in the web interface? Something that will force Pause.g to be run whatever the circumstances?


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