Do any resellers sell the Duet 2 wifi Amazon?

  • I was wanting to place an order with Filastruder for a duet 2 wifi today. I saw they accept Amazon Pay. I assumed I could use my balance for payment with Amazon Pay so I purchased an Amazon gift card (i dont use credit or debit cards) and redeemed it on my Amazon account. I found out that was not possible. I see plenty of duet wifi clones on Amazon but they all are shipped from China and I want a genuine Duet. Are there any resellers that use Amazon and are preferably in the US?

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    AFAIK there are no genuine Duet3D resellers selling Duets on Amazon at present.

  • OK, thanks for the response

  • We (Filastruder) have a solution for this, feel free to get in touch via the contact page on the Filastruder website for more info.

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