Bad Panel Due v3.0a?

  • I recently bought a Duet wifi, Panel Due v3.0a and 5in LCD. First tests shows that the Duet wifi works - updated configuration and checked with a few spare Nema17+EndStops.
    Then assembled the Panel Due to the 5in LCD, Powered up using the 4 wire cable. Got a screen, started to play with the UI... Once I selected a button for another submenu, the display changes and gives me a mostly empty page and the menu line at the bottom. Looks any button takes me to that same mostly empty page and the menu buttons do not work passed that first click. Sounds like bad firmware or bad hardware.

    Reading more, I thought it might require a new firmware.
    Read and followed instructions from here:
    loaded a new firmware with success (PanelDue-v3-5.0.bin), reset, then got the top dot asking to calibrate. Clicked on that dot, screen updated from a top dot to a right side dot... and no more...
    It seems like once I click once, the Panel Due/LCD hangs.

    Do I have a bad LCD, bad Panel Due or need to do something else to get my screen going?
    Louis in Montreal

  • administrators

    That fault hasn't been reported before. Either the PanelDue controller is locking up, or the touch interface chip on the screen is. If you want to try a different PaneDue, I'll approve a return/replacement.

  • @dc42
    I bought this from Spool3D in Canada.
    How do we do this for a replacement?

  • administrators

    Ask Spool3D to replace it, and point them to this thread for authorisation.

  • @dc42
    Will do, David.

  • Received both new Panel Due and LCD from Spool3D.
    Problem was with the LCD.
    Both Panel Due work with the new LCD screen.
    No Panel Due works with old LCD.

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