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  • New, never before seen problem with regards to Duet Wifi v1.17d (rolled back to 1.17a and still having the problem) appearing to be firmware independent, but baffling nonetheless. I am able to tune my hotend's heater and get values that, when entered into config.g file are giving me very fast heating properties that assume the entered temperature more quickly than I remember this machine being capable of prior to a recent board replacement. So, all appears to be good – until initiating a print. For some reason, the temperature does not regard the set limit and just continues to rise without bound, until an emergency reset is issued. I've tried with multiple different setpoints, but the behavior continues. Any ideas?

    Thanks, in advance.


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    Bizarre indeed. Is the expected set point temperature still showing correctly in DWC and/or PanelDue when the temperature rises too far? Does the heater go into an error state?

  • David ,
    as the first time the temperature rise greatly exceeded the set point , it did so by a couple hundred degrees and,despiteapoearing to be undamaged, i was present for the occurrence so know it is more than likely something wrong induced by more than double the maximum temperature for some minutes. lucky i didn't have a real fire and problems of that nature. in a previous thread i mentioned my rigs now sporting the MakerHive effector quick connect boards to facilitate easy swapping for cases such as these. after tinkering with the above stated problem for a couple iterations, I decided to sidestep the issue by simply attaching a different effector altogether, effectively solving the problem.

    that being said ,the behavior is indeed peculiar. to answer your questions, yes ,the set points are displaying the entire way while the temp reaches then overshoots (continuously) the maximum temp on a skyrocket mission that won't stop until i emergency halt it from DWC. the immediate thing i noticed which tipped me off to refinishing there was going to be an issue was that , upon selecting a print, both need and hotend heaters both begin running from the starting line – which is in sharp contrast to the behavior in used to witnessing,such is first bed heater until within 2.5 degrees of setpoint, then the hotend until the same nearing limit,at which point begin the Begin Scripts of G32 .. G29 >> Print. so yeah , if using either DWC or paneldue to either tune or set temp of hotend independently , then hotend quickly attains temp and maintains that temp. as soon as i select a print (and regardless of whether i try to help out of by preheating both bed and hotend to close to the desired temperatures prior to selecting file) it is as though full power is applied to hotend cartridge immediately without respecting limits shown on the DWC/paneldue, attempting to adjust temp to 0 to get it to stop via either method updates the setpoint shown, though no compliance can be seen more any attempt to comply by slowing the steep show off increase the greatest rises at . just in case you want me to give you further ratings from a multimeter or something, I've left the problematic effector alone for now just set aside .

    thanks , hth.

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    Does this happen on all gcode files you try to print?

    Please post the first 50 or so lines of a gcode file that causes the problem.

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