A full upgrade kit to do on channel

  • I am looking for a full Plug and Play Upgrade kit for an Ender 3 to install on channel.
    I had a Prusa I3 Mk3, A have a Lulzbot Taz 6 Platinum, I just purchased an Ender 3, Basically I have given myself 500 bucks to make the ender as good as possible before I post a shootout on my channel.
    I want a full plug and play setup while I have no issue with soldering and getting dirty, I want to amass a set of off the shelf parts that anyone with a screw driver could install. so no crimping, or cutting wires.
    So here are my questions, looking for a complete wiring kit for the ender 3 to use the Mean Well Power supply and the stock steppers pre-made and of the correct length, with wiring for the BL touch, the Titan Aero and filament monitor.
    Do you sell one? or know someone that does? with as many Ender 3's out there it has to exist.

  • administrators

    I'm sorry, although several Ender 3 owners have upgraded their printers to either Duet WiFi or Duet Maestro, we don't make a wiring kit for doing that.

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