extruder motor, endstop when skips occure

  • I faced some issues today with my extruder: it started skipping steps due to a clogged nozzle. Sadly enough, that started when I was already a few hours in the print. Pondering how handy it would be that when the extruder engine starts skipping steps, it would just pause the print and wait for user interaction, I wonderend if I couldn't use sensorless homing for it.

    The stepperdrivers can detect when there is a stall (within a certain amount ofcourse 🙂 ). I see some practical issues because for sensorless homing I drop the current the motors get, something I obviously don't want to do while printing for the extrudermotor. I havent found really a fix for that part, but I thought, let's just put the idea here and maybe a bright soul has a solution.

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    You can already configure stall detection on extruders. See the M915 command.

    Another solution is to use a filament motion monitor.

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