Mesh grid comp not scanning the whole bed

  • When ever I run mesh grid compensation there is a section of the bed the probe will not reach. Before I go changing setting that I know nothing about I will like to see if anything is out of the normal on my config.g and homeall.g files. Here is a picture of the error message.0_1547341698443_Screenshot (5).png

    1_1547341438646_config.g 0_1547341438645_homeall.g

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    The solution to your error messages lies with these config.g lines

    ; Axis Limits
    M208 X0 Y0 Z0 S1  ; Set axis minima
    M208 X230 Y230 Z250 S0  ; Set axis maxima
    ; Z-Probe
    G31 X-75 Y-45 P500 Z3.07  ; Set Z probe offset
    M557 X-8:220 Y0:220 S20    ; Define mesh grid

    M208 sets up the area of your bed that the nozzle can reach.
    G31 sets up where your probe is in relation to the nozzle.
    M557 sets up where you want the probe grid to start and end.

    So if you start with the area given by the M208, subtract the offset of the probe from the nozzle, you will get an M557 that should be fully reachable by the probe.

    M557 X0:155 Y0:185 I believe that should be your bed area reachable by your probe. X0,Y0 to X155,Y185. Because of the negative offset of the probe, there is an area of the bed that cannot be reached on the back and right sides, but such is life.

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