DUET-E Comm Errors

  • Hi There!

    Problem, sending M503 causes EtherNet communication disconnect which only a reset enables reconnection.

    Interestingly, everything else seems to be working ok?

    System Config

    DUET-E V1.02 (see WebControl Settings-Page jpg below for specifics)
    PC Win7 x64
    GigaBit Switch
    I-Net router
    all copper

    Mechanically, mostly homebrew linear-rail delta printer

    • SmartEffector, + Hayden Mag Arms
    • PanelDUE and
    • DUET-E v1.02 controller,
    • 350W switching power-supply
    • 30A SSR (to bypass short somewhere on the DUET-E controller)

    I've been print testing for several weeks.

    After connecting I can successfully SET the HotEnd & HeatBed temps, while the WebControl status updates temp status aswell as the temperature graph, (as depicted in a photo below) and I can home the printer successfully, or perform auto-bed probing functions, but if I send M503, the DUET-E controller emits a COMM ERROR...so the controller seems to be working to some extent, but it sure doesn't seem to get along too well with the M503 command? Controller seems to be working? Is there something in the config.sys that could cause this problem?

    When I try to reconnect (click the button), the controller will not, anytime after emitting a COMM error message. Only after resetting does the controller reconnect to the network.

    Please review these screen grabs. Anytime the comm error has occurred, subsequent photos depicting functional operations, was due to controller having been power-cycled, reset and-or rebooted and having reconnected to the local EtherNet system.

    WebControl Page Settings
    0_1547351902097_M503 Comm Error -  WebControl Settings Page_01-12-2019.jpg

    Home Printer (G28) and Auto-Probe (G32) and Print Settings (M503) Comm Error
    0_1547351959230_M503 Comm Error After G28 G32 & M503_01-12-2019.jpg

    Comm Error After Reset & Reconnect via Print Settings Command (M503)
    0_1547352244915_M503 Comm Error After Reset & Reconnect_01-12-2019.jpg

    Any ideas?