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  • So I'm wiring my steppers to the Duet. Duet labels them as 1B/1A/2A/2B in order from one side to another. My steppers labels the wires as a Black(A+), Green(A-), Red(B+), Blue(B-). Can someone give me a hand to figure out which lands where?

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    If the wires come directly out of the stepper motor (no connector on the motor itself) then you can rely on red and blue being one phase, and green and black the other. So put red and blue at one end of the 4-pin connector on the Duet, and green and black on the other. I use the order red-blue-green-black.

    If there is a 6-pin connector on the motor and the wires plug into that, then you can't rely on the colours because different motor manufacturers use different pinouts on the connector. So you need to establish which pairs are phases. Here are 2 easy ways:

    1. Use a multimeter. A pair of wires with continuity between them (a few ohms resistance) is a phase. There should also be continuity between the other pair of wires (the other phase).

    2. Spin the shaft with your fingers. Then short 2 of the wires together and spin it again. If the shaft is much harder to spin with those 2 wires shorted, then those 2 wires belong to the same phase.

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