Servo more than 1A

  • For servos, I read that it needed a 220µF capacitor, it is still necessary on the latest boards (1.04)?

    Also, if you want more amperage, like 2A, a simple DC24-V> DC5v on the external rail is enough, or you have to do it differently?
    Like (use the DC-DC) to power the servo, and just use the sigal pin of the board?


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    The v1.04 board already has the 220uF capacitor.

    Yes you could use a separate PSU to power the server, but I suggest you connect a resistor in in series with the connection between the Duet and the servo control wire, to limit the current in case one is powered up but not the other. Try 10K, if that doesn't work try 1K.

  • OK, thanks,
    I will test, although I found another solution using the mechanical torque, rather than the power of the servo.

    Thanks also for the little tip of electronics.

    As I understand it with a DC-DC, there is no separate ground problem, and the resistor is only used if for example, I plug in usb, without the VIN. Because in this case, there would still be current in the servo signal pin.

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