PanelDue status display seems to have unit confusion

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    My PanelDue display seems to display the time remaining, tho it reports 12 hours and Duet Web Control says 10 hours. But the Filament is also displayed in hours as is the layer position. Have I done something wrong? The machine is actually working pretty good. So this is purely a display configuration issue i think.

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    Those 3 time estimates are normal. It's giving you the time left based on how much of the file is left to print, how much filament is left to use, and based on how long the current layer has taken.

  • ok, the file time and the layer based time makes sense. but how can the amount of filament left to use be displayed as time. shouldnt that be displayed as length or weight?

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    The three figures are all estimates of the print time remaining, calculated in different ways. The one based on filament usage is usually the most accurate.

  • @dc42
    Ah, thank you for the clarification. Now that i know what I am looking at it makes much more sense.

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