Pre order update 3

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    Its less than a week away from the end of the (extended) pre order period and we are onto batch 4 now. Time for another update.

    • All DuetWIFI components are purchased and with our board assemblers. This is what well north of $20K of Duet Wifi components looks like:

    • The PT100 and TC boards are in production and should be done today, all the SMT is done, just through holes to go:

    • We have been investing a lot of time in the specifications of our test equipment and are now into the detailed design. The intial production run will be manually tested but after that we should be able to automate quite a bit.

    • The configurator has had additional templates and the tool tip text has been updated and expanded. We welcome feedback on the forum post linked.

    • We are really pleased with the initial thermal testing results, a future firmware release will allow for the stepper current to exceed 2A per channel.



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