After firmware 2.02RC7 custom PanelDue stops work

  • Hello. My friend presented me Duet Ethernet. I havent money so im by my self converted it to Duet Wifi by soldering ESP8266 on board. Works greate. Than i take my not used Mks TFT and flash it with fork of paneldue from here . Works greate. But when im update firmware of board to last version. My lcd want connect. How to fix it? Im havent money to buy original paneldue((

  • administrators

    I assume you have not changed your config.g file.

    I suggest you ask the author of that fork of PanelDueFirmware if it has been tested with recent RRF firmware. There are some additional fields in the M408 status response now, and it may be that the fork of PanelDueFirmware you are using can't handle the response any more because of its extra length.


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