PanelDue delay/lag

  • Had my duet wifi and PanelDue installed for a couple of days now, and have noticed there is often lag on the paneldue.
    For example, heating bed, the PanelDue temps remain static, but Duet Web GUI shows active and temps increasing.

    The lag can be up to a minute in some cases. What needs to be done to remove lag? I've not changed any firmware on the PanelDue.


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    There are certain conditions under which PanelDue sends a command to the Duet that cannot be executed immediately, and its usual status polling commands get held up behind that one. This causes the delay that you observe. I've reduced the number of situations in which this occurs in firmware 1.17 (so upgrade to 1.17d if you are running 1,16 or earlier), and I have further work planned that will eliminate this happening completely.

  • I'm running 1.17c on the duetwifi, so will upgrade to 1.17d and see if there is any difference.

    The PanelDue does seem to send the signal, as I'm using some macros to heat the bed/hotend and the Web control picks up the operation of the macro - its just the PanelDue GUI that seems to lock/lag.

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    If you are using macros that include "wait for temperature" commands, and you invoke them from PanelDue, then currently the display will stop updating until the macro completes. Firmware 1.17d is no different from 1.17c in this respect. I use a "Prepare for printing PLA" macro, but it uses M140 and G10 commands to set the temperatures and not wait, rather than M190 or M109 commands that set temperatures and wait.

  • Macro is really simple:

    M140 S70
    M104 S190

    The PanelDue is on 1.15c, should I reflash this? Sometimes it updates instantly, sometimes not.

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