Adress for send Duet

  • Hi,

    after this post....

    I have orderer a new Duet...

    I want to send you the current Duet board so you can see why it does not work ...
    Remember here, that everything works, LESS the engines (Bed, thermistors, Zprobe, end of career, .... think works all)
    I've looked at the wiki several times, (how to destroy your Duet), and I think I have not done any of that ... it's more, the board has been running for a few months with no apparent problems.

    I would like to know what has failed, so as not to repeat it.

    What is the shipping address? and should I include something else?

    "Who does not know the history is condemned to repeat it". Anonymous / Confucius / Napoleon Bonaparte

  • Duet 3D shows a link for dc42's company Escher Consulting Ltd, trading as Escher 3D which in turn has a contact us page with an address:


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