3D printing and CNC Machining possible with Duet ?

  • High David/ALL from escher 3d ,

    I have made a 3d printer with multiple extruders and 2 axis cnc machining head .
    I want to use to use duet with duex5 expansion board.
    Does duet support 3d printing and cnc maching in same program.

    i mean 3d print object ,then use the cnc head to machine it .
    is it possible ?
    what slicer to use ?
    what cam to use ?
    please help

  • administrators

    The Duet can support that, however AFAIK there are no slicers or other GCode generators that do. Also it's difficult to make the mechanics rigid enough to handle the forces of CNC machining, but light enough to do 3D printing at good speeds.

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