My Maestro Menu Files are now on github

  • Cheers mate!

  • i tried it as well - works 100%

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    Thanks! Are these files for a single extruder printer, or a Crane Quad, or something else?

    A few suggestions:

    1. You can potentially simplify the system by getting rid of the files that do small movements (Xm50.g etc.) and include the commands inline in the menu file instead. For example, instead of:

    button C11 T"-50 " A"M98 P#0" L"/menu/Xm50.g"

    you can use:

    button C11 T"-50 " A"M120 G91 G1 X-50 F6000 M121"

    The snag is that this is 4 characters longer than the original command so it will make the menu file bigger, however unless you are close to the command buffer size limit of 2500 bytes already then this will not be a problem. But you can save space with the next item.

    1. The display uses a separate input channel from the others, so any G90, G91 and M83 commands and G0/G1 F parameters you use will only affect commands sent by the display. This means you can omit the M120/M121 pairs, provided that any G0 or G1 command in your menu files uses G90 or G91 first as appropriate to set the relative/absolute mode and also uses an appropriate F parameter.

    2. You might want to change the X, Y and Z fields in the move menu from 'value' to 'alter' so that you can make tiny adjustments directly using the encoder.

  • Hi thank you working fine

  • @dc42 Many thanks for taking the time to look over these files. This menu system is for a singe extruder cartesian printer which is what both of my printers are. I would be very reluctant to posit whether or not they would work on any kinematics that I haven't test it on myself. Saying that: I'm pretty certain that they will work on any single extruder cartesian.

    re: your points above:

    1. These files are a legacy from (I believe) the Crane menus and it was "on my list" to incorporate their function into the move page.
    2. I didn't know that! It sure makes (1) easier, thanks.
    3. Good idea, simple to implement, I'll do that.

  • @mudcruzr said in My Maestro Menu Files are now on github:

    Good idea, simple to implement, I'll do that.

    @dc42 Remember I said that? Well, turns out it's not that simple, I think I've found a bug. When I change the X, Y & Z fields in the move page from value to alter, it doesn't work in the way I expected. The values change but no movement occurs, in other words it acts like G92 rather than G1.

    Additionally, when the printer state changes from "printing" to "not printing" the visibility of the menu items don't change. e.g. When not printing the word PREHEAT is displayed and when printing the word BABYSTEP is displayed. This works as expected. When the print finishes, the word BABYSTEP is still displayed but if I move the encoder to select BABYSTEP, it highlights PREHEAT. If I then move the focus off PREHEAT, it displays (correctly) a non-highlighted PREHEAT.

    The state changing from "not printing" to "printing" works as expected.

    It would seem that a "refresh" is missing somewhere.

  • @dc42 Forget the first part of the above post, it's working now. I don't know what changed but i revisited it, tried again and it worked perfectly, sorry.

    The 2nd part still applies though.

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    @mudcruzr said in My Maestro Menu Files are now on github:

    It would seem that a "refresh" is missing somewhere.

    I think you are saying that a refresh is missing when the printer state changes in such a say as to alter the visibility of an item. Is that right?

  • @dc42 Yes, but it appears that it's only missing in the transition from "printing" to "not printing". Changing from "not printing" to "printing" works fine.

  • Version 1.3 including all of David's suggestions from his post above (19 Jan 2019. 10:06) is now released on github


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    @mudcruzr said in My Maestro Menu Files are now on github:

    @dc42 Yes, but it appears that it's only missing in the transition from "printing" to "not printing". Changing from "not printing" to "printing" works fine.

    What's happening is that when the state changes, menu items that should no longer be visible are not being erased. I will fix this in 2.03beta1.

  • @dc42 thank you Mr. C

  • V1.4 is now on Github

    The readme:

    Tidied up the heat menu screen, using graphics instead of the words "Bed" & "E". Also removed the display of M117 messages from this screen and added a display of the IP address.

  • Very Nice! I am doing an extensive update to the Crane Series menus at the time. It's really great to see someone else's take on this. I feel like I've been the only person on earth doing this lately. 😃

    I've been so incredibly tied up with the launch of the Crane and QuadFusion head that I've been focused entirely on customer issues and improvements. Now that we are off the ground well I will be turning my attention back to active development.

    If you're interested, I have created a number of icons for things like the hotend, heatbed, etc. I can provide them here but they will be making their way to the Crane github today. I'll post a few pics also. For now, I am going to check your menu files out. 😃


    David Hargrove

  • @streamliner Cheers David, I've set a watch on the Crane github.

  • @mudcruzr Excellent. I just applied your menu files to one of my test printers and it looks great. Really good use of real estate on the main menu. I wasn't sure about the format of the image file in this case. I actually created the few i'm working with byte-by-byte -- do you have a different conversion method you'd be willing to share?



  • @streamliner LOL! Sorry David, but I do it bit by bit on squared paper, manually convert to hex then into a hex editor to make the image file. Hi-tech or what?

  • You and me both. lol... I went with the Graph Paper -> Binary -> Hex, then wrote it all into a hex editor. I know that somewhere in my head there's a better way to do this, but I can't seem to locate it. 😃

    The bmp2c-escher3d application that is used to create PanelDue checks the color depths of the bitmap before proceeding -- in the case of a 1-bit bitmap, it returns a warning stating that this has not yet been implemented. I'm unsure if the source of this application is available, I've only been able to find the executable. This could be a good place to start.

  • Anybody see my suggestion that the file menu filter out file system meta data files like with a "._" prefix? Or they they get outright deleted.

  • v1.5 now up on github:

    Release note:

    Added a new control menu (CTRL), accessed from the main screen. it allows the following:

    COOLDOWN (turns off bed and nozzle heaters and the parts cooling fan)
    MOTORS OFF (releases all motors N.B. also "unhomes" all axes)
    RUN MESH COMP (homes all axes, heats bed to 50C, heats nozzle to 180C, runs mesh compensation and then turns heaters off)

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