M116 in tpost macros...

  • I'm working on optimizing the macros for the E3D tool changer beta printer. I set the standby and active temps with G10 for all 4 tools. Then, in my tpost macros I call M116 Px before picking up the tool from the dock. I expect this to wait until the tool is up to active temp but it is not. It picks up at the standby temp. Then after picking up, the tool goes to the wipe area, wipes and then waits for the temp to rise before starting to print. This, of course, creates a string that gets dragged on the print. Any ideas on why M116 is only waiting for the standby temp? What can I do to wait until the tool reaches the active temp?

    Here is my tpost0.g macro:

    ; called after tool 0 has been selected
    ; unlock coupler
    M98 P/macros/Coupler - Unlock
    ; move to dock
    G1 X-15.5 Y225 F15000
    ; wait for warm up
    G1 X-15.5 Y270 F15000
    M116 P0
    ; move to tool
    G1 X-15.5 Y280.75 F5000
    G4 P250
    ; close coupler
    M98 P/macros/Coupler - Lock
    ; back out
    G1 X-15.5 Y200 F15000
    ; fan on
    M106 P2 S127
    M98 P/sys/twipe.g```

  • @mhackney

    WAG: What if you remove the "T0" before the M116? At the time tpost0.g is run, the tool should already be selected.

    If that doesn't work, what happens if you replace the M116 with M109 (and specify the proper temperature?)

  • @mhackney It's been a very long time since I last played around with those tool change macros but as @garyd9 mentioned above, I suspect the "T0" command within that macro might trigger tpre0.g which might be why it gets upset. As that tpost0.g macro only gets run when T0 is selected, there should be no need to specify T0 again from within that macro.

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