Duet Maestro: connect LED strip with 3 pins

  • Hi,

    i've just spent some time to found out how to connect an LED strip to the maestro and decided to use the always on fans's 12V + GND connector.
    However my led bar comes with a 3 pin connector :
    +12 VIN - GND - 5V SIG

    Which pin can i use for the 5V Signal line in order to be able to dim the led's via GCODE?


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    You need to provide us with more information about what sort of signal the SIG pin needs, such as a link to the datasheet.

  • Thanks for the support!

    The light bar is a 3-connector 12V switched LED circuit. One wire is 12V+, one Ground, and the other is a 5V signal that controls the brightness of the lights.
    On a RAMPS Board i used a 12K Resistor between the 5V SIG wire and the D4 pin on the ramps.
    Using the gcode "M42 P4 S255" i could turn on the LED with.
    Which pin can i use accordingly on the maestro ?

    Thanks for the support!

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    So the 5V input is a PWM input? If it really does need a 5V signal level, the only one available on the Maestro is the one on the MOD pin of the Z probe connector. So you can use that, unless you are already using it for a BLTouch.

    Take great care to have a good ground connection on the LED strip, because if the ground connection breaks then it's likely to feed some voltage greater than 5V into the MOD pin. You could try adding a series resistor of 1K or 10K between the Duet MOD pin and your LED strip PWM input to protect against this.

  • thanks - it's working !

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