Blown fuse, board acting strangely

  • So I made a huge error and accidentally reversed the positive and ground wires when I was hooking up my Duet 2 WiFi. Needless to say both the 1 amp and 7.5 amp fuses blew.

    I replaced those fuses and the board starts okay, I can home axis' as well as turn on the heaters but the Always On fans do not work. When I run the "test Fans" Macro, nothing happens. The Hotend fan will come on when it gets to temp as specified in my G-code but the macro and the always on fan no longer works. (the macro will work for the hot end fan if it's already running)

    Is there anyway to test if I have damaged my board?

    Also, I tried to run the Test Heaters Macro and received the following error:


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    The reversed polarity may have damaged the fans before the 1A fuse blew. Are you sure that the 1A fuse hasn't blown again? Do the fans work if you connect them directly to the PSU, assuming they are the correct voltage to do that?

    You are running an obsolete version of DWC.

  • Thanks dc42,

    I went back and did some troubleshooting and found that I had over crimped the fan connector and broken the wires, my ohm meter showed no continuity.

    So I hooked up a fan that I knew was good and it is working. I'll update my firmware and run the fan test again.

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