Failed stepper driver?

  • Guess I spoke too soon in my other post 😞

    The printer has been working flawlessly up until a few minutes ago when the extruder just stopped extruding. At first I thought it was a clog, but after confirming it wasn't, the stepper motor started making erratic noises and not moving properly.

    I've been getting short to ground errors on driver 3. I completely disconnected the stepper cable from the motherboard after powering off the system, and tried extruding. I still get the same error. I've put probably 150-200 print hours on the system with the board in it with no issues whatsoever.

    Should I request a replacement from Filastruder?

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    Yes, please request a replacement.

  • This actually ended up being a wiring problem so replacement not needed. The reason for the blown driver is hooking up another stepper motor while troubleshooting the wiring issue, with apparently different order of pairs than the wire we made (thought it was an identical stepper). Any suggestions for a repair service ?

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    @darkstarone, which country are you in? If you are in the US then forum user W3DRK may be able to help.

  • @dc42 Filastruder will do the repair, thanks

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