G92 outside axis limit resets positon to limit

  • I have quite complicated homing files because my hotend can move outside the bed but I don't won't to move it during print outside the bed.
    But at homing Z I need to move outside the bed, I am using just M564 S0 H0 to allow to do that. And when in homing Z I run G92 Z0 it resets Z position from 307 to 290...

    Simple steps to reproduce:

    1. home all axes
    2. run M564 S0 H0
    3. move outside axis limit with X or Y
    4. run G92 Z0

    Even putting something like that G92 Z0 Y307 when Y axis is limited to 290 will lower Y to 290.
    And I think this behavior can stay but not when you run M564 S0 H0. When axis limits are disabled they should not by applied to G92 commands too.

  • Instead of M564 command i would use M208 to temporary expand axis limits and after homing you can always set limits back to bed area.

  • Yeah I could do that too, for now I just move outside the restricted area before running G92 Z0.
    But I still this should be changed or documented, it took mi two hours to find out what is wrong with my homing files 😂

  • administrators

    This fault has been reported before, and is already fixed in my latest internal build.

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