Stop from the PanelDue behavior

  • Is there a way to customize the behavior of the "Stop" button that is at the top corner of PanelDue? I would like it to move Z up a ways, and then shut down the motors and heaters. But of course leave the temp controlled hotend fan alone to do its thing.

    I thought there would be a Macro called stop.g or something but I am not finding it.
    Is this even possible?

  • Moderator

    The stop button is the emergency stop, so it kind of has a pre-defined behaviour. i.e., stop immediately.

    Perhaps you can get what you need using the pause.g and cancel.g macros which you do have control over.

  • administrators

    You can write your own macro to do that and put it in the /macros folder of the SD card. The first 4 user-defined macros appear on the Control page of PanelDue.

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