UM2 Clone 1 + 2 Z axis?

  • Hey Guys, I would like to upgrade a UM2 clone with Duet 2 electronics and since it has support for independent Z axis I got an idea for fun little project.

    Would it be possible with current firmware to program it to adjust the normal single Z axis for a overall Z adjust and then add two small Z Steppers to the two front corners of the heatbed to adjust the level of the bed?

    For reference I am thinking something like these 298 : 1 geared 18 degree steppers (0.06 degree pr step) M3 threaded, AliExpress link

    Thanks in advance.

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    I think that's probably possible, by switching between 1 and 3 Z motors and back again in the levelling process. But unless the bed gets out of level very often, it would be much simpler to use the assistant in firmware to tell you how much to adjust each levelling screw. See

  • Good point, I am just curious about the possibilities is all, even thou it might over complicate things.

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