Using a BLTouch and FSR for leveling/homing on Voron 2.1..

  • I am wiring up my Voron 2.1 build and am still a bit lost on how everything is setup. Using a BLtouch to level the 4 Z steppers using the mesh compensation to make the gantry level with the bed and then a FSR for the Z offset. I assume the the FSR (using the John SL board) would go just as the Wiki says "If using JohnSL's trinket board: Connect its Vcc, Output and Ground pins to 3.3V, IN and GND on the Z-probe connector respectively and select mode 5." Connecting the BLtouch i also assume would be like i currently have on another printer, free up a heater channel for the PWM and supply but after that I am not sure how it is all configured. I have a sample setup from DavidMX but he is using an inductive probe. Any tips would be appreciated!

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    If you want to use both BLTouch and FSR Z probe, you will need to connect the BLTouch to the Z probe connector and a spare heater channel, and the FSR board to a spare endstop connector. Use the M558 command to switch between them.

    Is there a reason why you don't just use the BLTouch?

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