Attempting to resurrect an old Duet 0.6

  • I'm building yet another printer, and I only plan on using a single extruder, so I got my Duet 0.6 out of my spare parts cupboard. The last printer I'd run it with had a far too powerful heater, so the V -in portion of the power plug was a bit disfigured, so I replaced it with a new one. As I was doing so, about 5mm of trace came loose from the underside of the board, leading from the V -in plug, so I covered that with a bit of solder.

    Since then I've had trouble with powering it on.

    When I turn on the power supply, a light briefly flashes next to the power plug, but nothing else happens.

    If I plug the USB in, I can connect.

    If I turn the power supply and USB on, I can't connect, but the red light near the USB shines slightly brighter.

    Is the board toast?

  • Nevermind! Just couldn't connect by USB for some reason. Ethernet works fine!

  • administrators

    It would be better to solder a piece of fairly thick copper wire on top of that loose PCB trace, wrapped round the VIN post at the end.


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