Pin the most recent Firmware and DWC announcement threads?

  • Please can you pin the most recent Firmware and DWC threads to make them easier to find? Quite often older firmware threads will appear above the most recent ones due to ongoing conversations and that's a little confusing.

    Yes, to find the most recent releases I look at the github.

    No category tag for threads about general website ( issues or suggestions?

  • @doctrucker yes plus one for that. I can never remember where to look and always end up going to the wiki and following the trail of breadcrumbs.

  • Oddly when I posted this "Guide for posting requests for help" was pinned at the top of the messages and now it's gone. Something odd going on here for me! 😄

  • If you go here:

    The guide for help appears pinned at the top.

    If you go here:

    and change 'All Categories' drop down to 'General Discussion' it doesn't.

  • administrators

    The firmware 2.02 release announcement is already pinned. Unfortunately, pinning doesn't appear to work properly.

  • Ok, having looked at this further the firmware posts are already pinned, but for some reason the pinned threads are not working if you just click the duet logo ( on the forum which shows all the posts.

    DWC posts don't appear pinned.

    Edit: @dc42 posted at the same time as me! Thanks for the comment. Hope it's something that can be fixed for the all in page as I think many people default to that page.

  • The default view when you land on the forum page is to show most recent posts, so pinning doesn't show there obviously. But it seems to work correctly from within the sub forums.


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