Updating PanelDue with 4 wire connector attached?

  • Is there a reason you cannot flash new firmware to the PaneDue when the 4 wire connector that connects it to the Duet main board is connected? Or am I doing something wrong?

    The main board is powered off so the panel is not receiving any power or signal other than from the micro USB. I can seem to flash firmware over micro USB until I unplug the 4 wire connector.


  • Works for me with my PanelDue 5.0 v2.

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    I find that with v3 I can flash new PanelDue firmware if the Duet is powered. If the Duet is not powered then the low level on the PanelDue Din pin interferes with programming. The reason is that v3 can in theory be programmed via the serial port, although we haven't implemented this in RRF yet.

  • @dc42 @resam

    Interesting, it did not seem to want to work with the 4 wire serial connector plugged in regardless if the Duet was powered or not. I will have to test again.

    Is there any plans to implement updating over serial in RRF anytime soon? I would really like to see this.

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    @jckray said in Updating PanelDue with 4 wire connector attached?:

    Is there any plans to implement updating over serial in RRF anytime soon?

    It's planned, but low priority compared to other things right now.

  • @dc42

    We are updating or panels to new firmware. I'm still experiencing problems with updating while the panel is plugged into the Duet.

    Bossa will not recognize and serial ports with the panel plugged into the Duet. I tried with the Duet powered on and off. As soon as the panel is disconnected from the Duet Bossa recognizes it immediately.

    Not sure what is going on. Any ideas. It sounds like you said it should work so long as the Duet is powered on.

  • @dc42

    Okay I got it to work. I was powering off the Duet after erasing and resetting the panel, which gives the white screen state. In this state, it does not seem to work.

    What did work.

    • With the Duet powered on and plugged into the panel
    • hold the erase button on the panel for a few seconds
    • press the reset button on the panel
    • DO NOT power cycle the Duet
    • The panel will remain on, displaying as usual
    • Bossa will now recognize the panel via it's serial port
    • Upload the new panel firmware as usual via Bossa
    • When complete, unplug the usb from the panel and power cycle the printer.

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