Layer count issue in DWC

  • I very much hesitate to call this a bug but i just noticed this today.

    S3D allows you to have multiple processes for a print with a whole range of different settings including layer heights.
    In this case i have 2 layers on the base set at 0.5mm layer height (0.6mm nozzle) whilst the second process sets the layer height at 0.3mm.

    The gcode file has
    Line 199: ; tool H0.500 W0.720
    Line 12737: ; tool H0.300 W0.720

    It would seem that the numbers on the DWC page only take into account the first layer height number and the total height

    Could you actually parse from the end of the file and get the last layer number?

    Note the print is still going, this is just an annoyance 🙂

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