Duet Wifi Motor Driver fried

  • Hey there,
    today i installed a new pancake stepper for the extruder and while testing, the corresponding motor driver blew up. Its probably my own fault, but i dont really know what caused it. One of my theories is that the holding current was set too high and that during testing the enamel on the coppercoils boiled of, which caused a sudden drop in resistance and a voltage spike. Is that reasonable?

    Is there someone who can repair the duet close to Germany or who can provide me information on how to fix it my self?

    Thanks in advance,

  • https://uk.farnell.com/trinamic/tmc2660-pa/motor-driver-stepper-qfp-44/dp/2822176

    I done mine, and I'm rubbish at soldering.
    Hot air station is recommended

  • Do i have to watch out for anything else? Or is it just swapping the chip?

  • Was just the driver for me, dc42 told me to remove plastic molex near by becuase they will get crispy.
    150c hot air will get them off slowly with pliers.
    Find my post there is info that will help you there.