Stepper motor purchase and configurator settings.

  • Hi to all wondered if someone could give me nudge in the right direction please.

    Im looking to purchase the motors in the attached image for a CoreXY printer build.

    Are they suitable for the Duet 2 wifi board is my question and how do they equate into the configurators motor current please pic attached.

    Many thanks.


  • I bought that Identical stepper on amazon (steppers online) it's running a heavy X axis and it seems to play well with the duet, tons of torque and runs quiet.

    Mine is set to 1.3A You can usually use between 50% and 80% of the max amps of the stepper, up to 100% with the exception if you have some sort of heat sink or thick aluminum mounting bracket (and check temps) that said you are getting close to max out of the driver at 2A

  • @wyvern Many thanks with the reply would I be correct that the wiring colouring of the motors is incorrect I have used the A and B references on the supplied info card for the stepper to match the wiring diagram for the duet.
    But the wiring colouring doesn’t match ?

    In regards to the settings on the rep rap configuration what figures have you entered please for micro stepping and mA.


  • Colors don't mean anything, you can look at the wiring diagram and match up the stepper and duet- but it gets a little confusing when the labeling is different.

    Double check, mine from left pin to right is R BL G BK
    My motor diagram is R(B+) BL(B-) G(A-) BK(A+)

    But coloring can change manufacture to manufacture and with whatever mood the worker was in that day.

    if you get an error SHUT DOWN THE POWER, wait a minute and try again, don't remove the jumper with the machine on.

    Also have your belts either super loose or disconnected during testing.

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    Ignore the A and B markings on the Duet motor outputs. They were taken from the Trinamic datasheet, but they don't tie up with the way most stepper motor manufacturers label the phases. Connect the A phase of the motor to the two pins at one end of the 4-pin connector, and the B phase to the other end.

  • I have to admit I'm feeling a little out of my depth with this Duet 2 so may I please ask what I need to work out to get the mA setting for these motors.

    I am more at home actually making the machines mechanics but the electronics just leaves me opened mouthed lol.

    Kind regards

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    Those motors you linked to are rated at 2.0A per phase. 3D printers typically run the motors at a peak current of between 60% and 85% of rated current. So that's between 1.2A and 1.7A. In other words, between 1200 and 1700mA in the M906 command.

  • @dc42 Many thanks for your help very much appreciated I just didn't want to enter any figures that may damage anything.

    Notes taken thank you very much !

  • @wyvernThank you for the information much appreciated

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