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  • the maestro has a max amp output of 1.4A.

    Alex kenis found that the mode 4x with 256 interpolation has the highest torque.

    Also there was a problem in the in the firmware below 2.02 with layer shift on the maestro with longer prints. so update to the latest version.

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    @infamous_panda, I think upgrading to the 2.02 or 2.02a release (they are the same for the Maestro) will probably fix the layer shifts, because there was a bug fix to the step pulse timing for the Maestro between the last 2.02RC and the 2.02 release. Also the over temperature warnings from the drivers didn't work in some of the earlier 2.02RC releases and I can't remember whether this was fixed before or after RC5.

    Disabling stealthChop is the right thing to do if you get layer shifting problems. In stealthchop mode the drivers use the minimum current necessary, so they can't handle a sudden increase in load well e.g. if the nozzle hits a blob or curl-up in the print. It sounds to me that you are using low inductance motors, so they may be very quiet in spread cycle mode anyway. But if not, when you have confirmed that upgrading to 2.02 fixes the problem, you may wish to try stealthChop again.

    The TMC2224 drivers on the Maestro are not capable of the same current as the TMC2660 on the Duet WiFi/Ethernet, so 1.5A is right at the top of their range. You will need to cool the Duet very well with a fan to run at 1.5A. If the cooling is insufficient then over temperature warnings will be reported. At this stage no steps will be lost, but if the driver temperature rises another 20C or so then the driver will shut down.

  • @veti

    I will try that. Is do you use interpolation in your steps per mm setting or just the step mode?

  • 4x with interpolation.

  • @veti Looks like it's not terribly different from 1/4 to 1/16. I am experimenting with this now but 1/4 seems to have introduced a lot of jerk noise from what I was getting at 1/32. The straight movements seem quiet enough still.

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    In spread cycle mode, the microstepping setting shouldn't affect the torque unless you go right down to x1.

  • Thank you all. I think it was the firmware. Wish I had asked sooner rather than later my weekend trying to sort this out. 10 hours so far so good, happily printing 150mm/s - 200mm/s quietly.

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    Thanks, I'll mark this as solved then.

  • @infamous_panda


    Do you think you have perfectly adjusted your Tevo LM? If so, can you share me your config.g and bed.g file to compare with mine.
    If you have tips to make the LM perform, I'm interested.

    thank you in advance

  • It's still a work in progress, I had it stable and printing accurately but I just recently increased my nozzle size to 0.6mm and I am currently testing out increasing the speed back to stock. Dealing with stringing issues and layer adhesion at the moment. Once that is sorted I would like to make a basic menu for the 12864 lcd.

    Are you using a Maestro? Any specific issues you having?


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