2nd thermistor and clogging alert

  • I'm building a water cooled effector on my delta kossel, and it would be great to measure temperature inside hotend: this is not mechanically difficult, a simple 2mm axial hole between throat and external surface of the heatsink and a thermistor, connected to E1.

    The question: is it possible, and how, to set an alert/alarm/lock, so that machine and printing will be stopped if temperature is above say 50°C ?
    this could be helpful in order to avoid clogging!

  • Check the M143 max temperature command along with the corresponding M570.

    You should be able to configure a temperature sensor to induce a heater fault and pause the print if it goes above a certain temperature.

  • will have a look, thanks! On monday I should receive my new heatsink so I will make a hole in the currently mounted one, and share here results!

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