Duet Died?

  • My duet was in the middle of a print and just clicked off, no lights, nothing. Upon inspection I found nothing burnt out and plugging it into a usb only yielded two red LEDs with no computer recognizing it even after following the entire troubleshoot guide and wiping the duet to attempt to use bossa. Please help

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    1. When you say "no lights", do you mean that the Duet was connected to your PSU but there were no LEDs lit on the Duet, not even the blue VIN one? If so, and your Duet is revision 1.04, then check whether the 7.5A fuse has blown. But don't replace it, because if the green LED isn't lit when you apply USB power, there has been a short somewhere.
    2. Did you disconnect the Duet from everything except USB when you followed the troubleshooting guide?

  • Yes, I did disconnect everything except usb. The only lights that have come on so far are 2 red LEDs at the end of the board.

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    Has the 7.5A fuse blown, or not?

  • The fuse is still good.

  • Did you try a new SD card? I had a similar problem with my Duet v0.6. although I can't recall which LEDs were on. It turned out the Duet stopped reading the SD card which was strange since I did not change it and my PC could still read it so I didn't suspect a card problem. After many hours of troubleshooting and buying a Duet WiFi and swapping SD cards I realised that was the issue.

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    @willyd3113, if the Duet is still under warranty then I suggest you make a warranty claim. But please check your wiring very carefully for shorts, in particular between the heater and fan wiring and any 3.3V or 5V supply wires that go to the hot end. Note, cartridge heaters sometimes develop internal shorts between the element and the case, and then all it takes is a short between the hot end metalwork and +3.3V or +5V to complete the short between power rails.

  • Tried the new SD card but that also didn't work so now I will exercise my warranty.

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