My monster delta

  • Hi I've spent 2 years on this printer and now its finished I'm pretty pleased with the redults. Build volume is 550 x 800 0_1548852425786_20190130_124257.jpg
    0_1548852407385_20181204_204933.jpg 0_1548852418125_20190130_124232.jpg 0_1548852447003_20190130_124220.jpg !0_1548852897454_20190130_124309.jpg

  • It looks really great.
    Can you show a printed benchy please?

  • administrators

    Impressive! What motors are you using?

    Your print quality may be limited by the long Bowden tube. However, I recently implemented support for additional towers on delta printers. As you have a hexagonal frame, you could mount the extruder drive on an additional driven carriage running on a rail on one of the unoccupied vertical extrusions, so that the extruder drive on the carriage maintains a constant distance from the centre of the effector. This would allow you to use a shorter Bowden tube between the extruder and the effector.

  • Fantastic! I love seeing these big deltas. Congratulations, a very slick looking, and no doubt working, printer.

  • I'll have to print one and then I'll upload an image

  • @dc42 I'm using nema17 steppers 1.8 step angle. I'll definatly have to look into using an extra axis for the stepper, i did play with a flying extruder for a bit but couldn't get on with it but that sounds like a much better solution

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