Maestro endstop question

  • I'm just starting to bring up a Duet Maestro for my old cartesian and have an endstop question. Are there supposed to be LEDs on board to show status? The led on my endstop switch lights when triggered and the M119 status correctly reflects the switch position. Maybe they were left out as part of a cost reduction but there looks like what are smd leds but nothing lights.

    My current switches are NO so I'll redo the switch board to be NC but I'm just curious about the leds.


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    The Maestro doesn't have endstop LEDs. We decided that that are not required, not very helpful, confuses users (because the LED state doesn't always indicate the endstop state read by the processor), and prevents us from specifying the endstop inputs to be 30v tolerant. We don't have them on the Duet 3 either.

  • Thanks for the info. I can't get my loupe close enough to see due to the connectors so I thought one of the nearby parts was a an led. Agree they're not necessary but a note in the hardware description may be helpful.

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