Duet maestro Z probe not triggering

  • I have just hooked up my inductive sensor to my board and put in the new firmware but when i test my probe the value always stays at zero. when it senses the bed the probe light does go on. i have wired it according to the most recent diagrams for NPN sensors so i believe my issue is somewhere else. I am using a 1n4148 diode as the duet page says.

    also, when i use the M119 command both on and above the bed it says the probe is not triggered and i have checked to make sure the direction of my diode is correct.

    Might there be any other readily available diodes i could try because i don't have a bat85 or 43 on hand.

    can anyone help point me in the right direction.

  • administrators

    How have you configured the probe in the M558 command in config.g?

    Which pin of which connector on the Maestro did you connect the diode to?

  • I figured it out, thank you for the reply, the diode i was using was the smaller signal diode and i was not sufficient enough. I have a BAT85 now and it works perfectly

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