Having trouble getting responce from YAT with M115 command

  • I received my Duet 1.04 several months ago, but unfortunately, health problems delayed my setup of the board. Just started this morning.

    I've downloaded YAT and installed it. I plugged the Duet board into my Win 10 computer. YAT says it connected to the port fine and it's open. I tried the first step of sending M115, and what I sent is echoed to the screen, but there is no return info from the Duet.

    Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

    I set up a Duet once before a while back and had no issues with the setup procedure. I went to another computer and tried again with the same results.

  • ok......false alarm. I got it to work and send a response. Not sure what I am doing differently but it works now

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