Free Zed System (start print a z height)

  • Are there any plans to add a feature that does this? I have a Delta Wasp Turbo 2 that has this which is sweet (could be faster imo) but I also want to build a print that has features that isn't on this printer (auto leveling, filament jam detection, and etc).
    The Free Zed System is basically a recovery system for a printing that for some reasons, has been interrupted and it was not possible to use “ Resurrection“ to recover it. Or, after the Resurrection, we notice that the item is not well done and we decide to re print starting from a clear point. In short it allows to print a file starting from a precise height of the model to be printed – height previously selected.


    I did find this to manually do it:

    The height measured was 44.2mm, in this case I am using a layer height of .32mm with a first layer height of also .32mm.

    Subtract the first layer height from the total height, then divide the answer by your normal layer height
    (44.2 - 0.32)/0.32=137.125

    Of course, this value needs to be a whole number, and is a result of the tolerance of our measurement. this is why we did this calculation!

    round the answer down to the nearest number
    in this case 137. (This is (+1) is the number of layers)

    multiply that by the layer height, add the first layer height
    (137*0.32)+0.32=44.16. This is the height achieved, as far as the Gcode is concerned.

    Remove the code from here up to start Gcode (all the descriptive code).

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    I think the easiest way to implement that might be as an extra parameter to the M916 command. That command is only available if a resurrect.g file has been saved for the print. Would that be acceptable?

  • I'm not sure.

    I think using the M110 command might be the easiest.

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    M110 doesn't set the line number in the SD card file, it sets the line number that the firmware expects when the received GCode lines include line numbers. See

    However, you can use M26. To find the file offset, open the GCode file in Notepad++, search for the line you want to start at, position the cursor at the start of that line, press control-G and select Offset.

  • Thanks, that doesn't sound too bad.

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