Strange issue when manually restarting jobs

  • I've run into this issue twice now, and I'd like to understand what I'm doing wrong. After an error in a print, I've killed the job, rehomed and cut the gcode file, to the layer it was last on, re-uploaded it and started it again, at 20% speed (controlled in DWC).

    While I've done this a variety of times, only twice, I've had an issue where the restarted print massively over-extrudes. Probably by a factor of about 10, obviously causing the resume to fail.

    This is the start gcode of the last file I attempted to resume. Shouldn't setting G92 E0 avoid this?

    ; New layer
    G92 E0
    G1 Z3.650 F15000.000
    G1 X171.814 Y41.685 F15000.000
    G92 E0
    G1 F7200
    G1 X171.822 Y48.563 E0.32655
    G1 X175.107 Y49.680 E0.49125
    G1 X178.831 Y51.061 E0.67981

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    Are you slicing with relative or absolute extrusion?

  • I'm actually not sure. I'm using slic3r 1.3.1-dev

    I checked the settings and found:

    "Relative E distances" is not checked.

    "Volumetric E" is not checked.

  • administrators

    Looks like you have sliced using absolute extrusion, but you have the default set as relative extrusion in config.g. Your GCode file will have a M82 command at the start to select absolute extrusion, but that command is missing when you cut that bit out of the file.

  • So I thought I'd solved this issue, because I restarted a few jobs, after finding an M83 command in the resume.g file, which I've subsequently commented out.

    But it's back. And I've tried a few things now to see if I can get around it. Pause job, M82, resume job. Cancel job, M82, resume job.

    Mind you this is on my old Duet 0.6, using FW 1.18.1

    I'll update further if I figure out what's happening.

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