CR-10 Heated Bed Wiring

  • Hi,
    I've just ordered a duet 2 wifi with a 7" paneldue and I'm hoping to upgrade my old CR-10 which has been out of commission for a while. The only thing is that I am going to power the duet 2 from an atx power supply and am unsure how to connect the heated bed. Currently it is going through a mosfet, I have access to two 12v rails both capable of 18A, Is it possible for me to power the duet with one of these rails and keep the external mosfet board powered by the other and therefore powering the heated bed, TL;DR is it possible for me to configure the duet to only send a signal to the mosfet rather than attempting to supply the the necessary current for the bed itself.

    Also will I have to supply an additional ground cable to the mosfet? (as it is currently wired) since both the duet signal and the bed will have a common ground in the atx psu.

    Thank you in advance for any replies.

  • administrators

    Yes you can power the bed that way. Connect the Duet bed heater output terminals to your mosfet board control terminals, with the correct polarity.

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