strange ripple on prints

  • Has anyone any idea what could be causing this ripple?

  • Seems like your nozzle is a bit too close to your bed maybe?

  • I had similar pattern before when I had a warped bed. Mesh bed leveling for me made this pattern. Made it better when the mesh taper was increased

  • I am not using mesh bed levelling and printing on glass. I haven't noticed this problem before and wondered if it could be related to acceleration or pressure advance but I ruled that out because as the layers increase, the problem is non existent. In fact using layer height of 0.25 the problem has gone by layer 3.

  • increase the trigger height of the z probe by a small amounts and compare the result

  • @appjaws are you printing with DC42s IR probe on glass?

  • @underdonesushi Yes I am.
    I have just realized that I had not put G29 S2 clear height map in my gcode files. I did have a saved height map in the system directory but I didn't have any commands to load it.

    Is it loaded by default?

    I have deleted the height map and added G29 S2 to my slicesr so in the morning I will set up a test and see if that was the problem.

  • @appjaws Oh I totally didn't think it would work with glass. Ill have to try it, have you tried a mirror? Or would that not work. I am not actually sure, I'll have to read the gcode library after work. I don't have my G29 setup a the moment.

  • you can lower your flow for the first layer or just bump your nozzle up a bit. you are just putting down to much plastic at your first layer height.

  • @underdonesushi I have been using DC42s IR probe since he designed it and have had no problems printing on glass. I believe that a mirror will not work correctly, the best setup is to have the underside of the glass painted black. I use a sheet of black paper between the heater and the glass which works very well.


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