Driver 3 reports Phase A may be disconnected.

  • Just wired up a new Delta to a Duet Ethernet 1.2

    Using the onboard drivers, no expansions or Panel Due.

    Running RTOS 2.02 (not RC) and the version of DWC to go with it, I think 1.22.6.

    Running a print using a tool without a heater defined as I don’t have a Hotend or bed installed.

    I’m getting this message in console. Which motor is driver 3 so I can check the crimps?

  • Disregard, I crimped new pins on all my motors and was still having the problem. Then I thought maybe it was the extruder motor, cause it wasn't hooked up. I hooked it up and now I don't get the error.

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    That's right, drivers 0 1 2 3 4 are the outputs labelled X Y Z E0 E1 in that order.

  • So keep getting the same msg here on all drivers when setting up my maestro. So what your saying is if configuration calls for xyz axis motors to be used then they need to be connected at all times to not get the errors? Still waiting on stepper motors wires to connect 3 but I'm just curious if that's my issue. Because with only one connected at a time it's trying to move but only skipping step's and then I'll get the errors...
    Firmware 2.02beta. Also tried latest 2.02 stable release

  • Is there a way to supress those on the PanelDue as it is in the web interface?
    (I'm getting loads of those as well)

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    If you are getting a lot of these messages, something needs fixing. If it's just one motor and just one phase, check the crimps on the cables for that motor. If it's both phases, check the M906 settings (in case you have set a very low current for that motor) and the M569 settings.

  • Thanks! I'll make a separate thread about that after seeing what I can learn about how the old electronics drive them. But they are high resistance and low power motors, which i think i read something about being an issue. Apart from 25 ohms per coil I don't have any specs yet, and no markings on motors.

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