Driver 3 reports Phase A may be disconnected.

  • Just wired up a new Delta to a Duet Ethernet 1.2

    Using the onboard drivers, no expansions or Panel Due.

    Running RTOS 2.02 (not RC) and the version of DWC to go with it, I think 1.22.6.

    Running a print using a tool without a heater defined as I don’t have a Hotend or bed installed.

    I’m getting this message in console. Which motor is driver 3 so I can check the crimps?

  • Disregard, I crimped new pins on all my motors and was still having the problem. Then I thought maybe it was the extruder motor, cause it wasn't hooked up. I hooked it up and now I don't get the error.

  • administrators

    That's right, drivers 0 1 2 3 4 are the outputs labelled X Y Z E0 E1 in that order.


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