I think I fried my board

  • I was setting up new fans and using a bread board to work out the wiring arrangement and accidentally shorted the fan. I heard a pop come from the board and now my Fan 2 won't work. I'm guessing that that's it. No way to recover?

  • Hi,

    Did you check your fuses? maybe there is a fuse broken.
    Fans are fused with a 1.5A fuse (not sure about amperage)

    it's possible to replace the broken fuse with a spare fuse from your car.


  • @wilcoe There are fuses on the Maestro?

  • @gnydick ah sorry no, didnt know its was the Maestro.

  • @wilcoe yeah, sh!t happens. I ordered a duet 2 WiFi from Nathaniel's matterhackers, it'll be here in a couple of days.

  • @gnydick got also a Duet Wifi since couple of days and it's really nice.
    but find it difficult to set the settings properly

  • @wilcoe I am just about to post about that, to ask for guidance in converting my setup.

  • administrators

    Do you really need 3 controlled fans on your printer?

    It's possible to replace the blown fan mosfet, but removing the old one without damaging the PCB requires hot air equipment or low melting point solder such as Chipquik.

  • @dc42 I have 24v blowers for the nozzle and 5 volt noctuas for the cold section. Since noctua doesn't make 24v 40mm fans, that means all but one of my fan controls are 5v as the always on fan is set to 5v.

    Buy what I want "need" isn't the point. I ordered a duet 2 WiFi as a replacement.

    I have a promega (chuckle, chuckle) that I've highly modified to be very high performance. The only thing keeping it back is the low motor current limitation. With such a large machine, there is ample opportunity for longer acceleration to smoothly reach higher speed on larger prints. Also the large, heavy platform, since I added thick glass, is barely able to be lifted via lead screw. The extra current and stronger motors will help there as well, no more skipped steps.

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