wishlist: interrupt tool change from a trigger

  • i know that the movement etc is locked during a tool change, but is it possible to that if a trigger condition is met whilst a tool change is in progress that the trigger will work immediately? this is in regards to monitoring MMU2 tool changes as at the moment if im printing on T0 but then switch to T1 but i have an unloading problem with T0 the firmware carries on with the loading of T1 until it "thinks" the tool change is complete. then the trigger activates but too late.

    is this possible?

    thanks again

  • I would urgently need it too.
    I have two triggers at the filament loading level, I have windows of errors but at the end of the tool change.
    M582 should be blocking and the windows modal, even during the tool change.
    It's possible?

  • Any chance this could be implemented?

  • administrators

    I have this early on in my Tpre0.g on the tool changer:

    ;setup trigger to detect if the pickup fails
    M581 Z S0 T2 C0

    and this at the end of my Tpost0.g:
    M582 T2 ;check for successful pickup

    then this in tfree0.g:
    M581 Z S-1 T2 C0 ;turn off connection trigger

  • My issue is with my application that the trigger needs to be immediately activated or else the loading of the next tool occurs before the pause happens. If my tool change faults on unloading I wish the tool change to pause until I intervene but it carrys on with loading the next one even though the conditions for the trigger have occurred. Once the post.g has finished the machine will then pause and alert me to the fault. It's a mess by then

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    Would it be sufficient to allow a trigger to be processed immediately after executing the tfree#.g file? I can see issues with allowing the tool change sequence to be interrupted at other places.

  • Yes, thats better than it currently is. I can at least intervene then before any collisions occur when switching to the next tpre.g

    Would it be ok to have it be able to be processed at the end of any of the them? Not just tfree?

  • There must be a subtlety that I do not understand. This is not sequential code, the g-code?

    It seems, that the message is put on hold? and executed at the output of the macro.

    Yesterday I was doing a test, and everything was working well, until the filament got entangled with its neighbor. For once, I have to find a method to channel the filaments, after retractation ...

    Personally, I use only free and post, and in both cases, I have two triggers in action, so I prefer an interruption to each test of the trigger.


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