WIFI Cam With Duet In WAP

  • Has anyone had any luck connecting a wifi camera while the duet wifi is in WAP mode. I am able to get a web feed utilizing an ip streaming app on my phone but I am unable to get a wifi camera to connect to the WAP network being broadcast by the Duet. The couple of cameras I tried require the use of a mobile app to configure which will not work if I connect to the Duet WAP. I started goign down the road of some custom camera firmware, but figured i would ask for advise here.

    If anyone has had any luck could you point me to the camera you used.

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    You might be able to do that using a raspberry Pi zero with camera module running motionOS.

    It's difficult though because at this point you're trying to run a network without the network infrastructure in place. Consider adding a small cheap wifi router into the mix and you open up a lot of options.

  • I use a raspberry pi zero w with a pi camera using https://elinux.org/RPi-Cam-Web-Interface

  • Are you using the Pi to connect to the Duet while its in WAP mode? I've seen a lot of people using the PI zero, but most are connecting to and existing network.

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