Cancel Objects in DWC

  • The one thing I miss the most from OctoPrint is the ability to cancel a specific object while printing. There's a plugin for this.

    Say I'm printing a lot of parts and one of those fail, I don't need to stop the whole print or waste a lot of plastic spaghetti, but I can just cancel that object and it will stop printing that object.

    Most popular slicers (Cura, Slic3r and S3D) support labeling individual objects in g-code, and the readme of the plugin explains how.

    I heard there's a gcode viewer in the works for DWC, but even without it, it would be nice to include this functionality in DWC 2. It's basically just a matter of using a couple of regex patterns to detect when a section of gcode for an object starts and stops and then displaying buttons to skip those sections.

    I'm a software developer myself, so I might just go down the rabbit hole of the DWC code and give this a try.
    Is it already possible to read out the gcode in DWC somehow? And how would I be able to tell the printer what sections to ignore? After all GCode is not streamed like in octoprint, but read from the SD-Card. Guess this would require support in both the firmware and DWC?

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