Duet 0. 6 3dtouch wiring.

  • Hello I have a duet 0. 6 with an expansion board. I am running 1. 21 firmware and also using panel due. I am not tech savvy but have managed to get most things working. I just wanted to see if I could possibly get this clone bltouch to work.
    I am using dual extrudes also.
    I have connected the 3dtouch as follows.
    Black and white wires to E0 endstop
    Red 5v wire to pin 1 on expansion board
    Brown to ground on pin 6 on expansion
    Yellow signal wire to ad12 pin 15 I believe
    When I start printer the 3dtouch illuminates red and the pin goes in and out twice then nothing. No lights only if I manually move the pin up a little it lights up. So I am not even sure what I'm doing. I have selected bltouch when using configurator so I'm assuming it's mode 9. Does anyone have it working on a 0. 6 board and can confirm if my wires are correct. Thank you heaps.

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    Connecting the control wire to ad12 won't work. You need to connect it to a spare heater control signal on the expansion connector instead.

  • @dc42 thank you so much, muchly appreciated 😊
    I stuck it in pc23 e2-pwm I guess it good when I give m401 m402 it goes in and out so I think that means I'm on the right path. Thank you again.

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