Z Axis/Probe direction

  • I'm a little confused about the direction of my Z axis/probe on my Corexy printer. My reasoning is that the Z value should represent the distance between the nozzle and the bed. So when Z increases, the bed should move away (down) form the nozzle. To achieve this, I have to set M569 P2 to S0. But when I send G30 the bed moves away from the probe, resulting in an error. I've tried M569 P2 S1 to move the bed up when Z is increased, and switched the Z minima/maxima in M208 to counter this. And now the Y axis (which I left untouched) takes off and crashes into the end stop after it activating it on homing. I switched Z back in M208 but left M569 P2 on S1 and now I can home again with the Z axis reversed. But much to my surprise, G30 still sends the bed away from the probe.

    What am I missing? Shouldn't M569 P2 reverse the Z direction with G30? How should Z be set up in a CoreXY configuration?

  • Please post your config.g and homing files

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